Bacardi Formal Decorative Dahlia Tuber

Bacardi Formal Decorative Dahlia Tuber

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A decorative dahlia to dazzle your borders! The color and warmth of Bacardi is quite rare, its narrower, longer magenta-pink petals with a silvery glow, and a cherry-red-tinted heart. This is an absolute favorite among dahlias to add tropical colors in your garden. This prolific bloomer is great for garden borders and as cut flowers. 

Product Option 1: 1 Gallon Potted Plant (Pickup Only)

Product Option 2: 1 Dahlia Tuber

Pickup available in May at Brampton, Hurontario/Mayfield

Tubers will be shipped in April/ May as per your hardiness zone.

Plants: 1

Height: 3-4'

Bloom Size: 4-5"

Soil Requirements: Well-drained

Light Requirement: Full-Sun

Bloom Time: Summer to Fall

Plant Spacing: 18"

Planting Instructions: 2-4" deep and 2-3' apart

Winter care: Dig the tubers in fall and store in a medium (e.g. peat moss, wood shavings, or vermiculite) in a cool, dry, and frost- free location. Before storing, dry tubers for a few days (preferably outdoors).