Bacardi Dahlia Tuber

Bacardi Dahlia Tuber

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A decorative dahlia to dazzle your borders! The color and warmth of Bacardi is quite rare with its narrower, longer magenta-pink petals in a silvery glow, and a cherry-red-tinted heart. This is an absolute favorite among dahlias to add warmer colors in your garden. This prolific bloomer is excellent in garden borders and as cut flowers.  

Tubers will be shipped in April/ May as per your hardiness zone.

Product: 1 Tuber

Height: 3-4'

Bloom Size: 4-5"

Classification:  Formal Decorative

Soil Requirements: Well-drained

Light Requirement: Full-Sun

Bloom Time: Summer to Fall

Plant Spacing: 18"

Planting Instructions: 2-4" deep and 2-3' apart

Winter care: Dig the tubers in fall and store in a medium (e.g. peat moss, wood shavings, or vermiculite) in a cool, dry, and frost- free location. Before storing, dry tubers for a few days (preferably outdoors).