White Datura Seeds

White Datura Seeds

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Flowering from July to October with beautiful funnel-shaped blooms, datura produces large and spiny seedpods that adds to its visual interest. The flowers are smaller in comparison to their Angel Trumpet siblings and this variety is known as Devil’s Trumpet.  

There are 10 seeds in a pack. 

Bloom size: 5"

Height: 3'

Spread: 2-3'

Planting Directions:

Depth: 1/8"

Sprout Time: 7-21 days

Starting Indoors: Recommended. Sow indoors 2 months before last frost. Keep at 75-80°F. Retain moisture by covering with humidity dome until germination occurs.

Starting Outdoors: Direct sow about 2 weeks after last frost (zones 8-10).

When to Set Outside: 2-3 weeks after the last frost, when the soil has warmed.