A Red Carpet Laid on My Pathway

Bloodgood Japanese maple trees are a standout in a landscape during all seasons of the year. It is by far, one of the most versatile trees you can add to any landscape.  The leaves start off as purple in spring, a rich burgundy in summer, and a crimson red in fall. They are as low-maintenance as they are stunning. These dense trees with vibrant leaves and branches are striking and add visual interest in silvery color even during winter.

There are two Bloodgood Japanese maples growing along our pathway to the backyard. One summer, I laid this pathway with logs, tiles, and river stones that provides amazing seasonal interest in my garden. I am in love with my Japanese maples and every fall, they lay a red carpet for me that makes me feel like royalty on my frequent visits to the backyard. I think every garden should have one of these spectacular trees! 


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