Dahlia Captures - Summer/ Fall 2022

Capturing Dahlia Images...

At Deva’s Gardens, gall is feared. Best growing practices and sincerity are valued. The growers carrying unicorns are Rockstars. And Sleepless Nights in Brampton, dedicated to talking dahlias with another grower, from another city, province, or country are routine!

My inspiration in collecting new varieties, come from reflective experience of other growers – glowing accounts of success, trials and tribulations, and the eternal excitement surrounding the wonderful world of growing dahlias!

And there’s always hope. Hope – for new dahlia beds. Reliable varieties. Taller, sturdier stems. And unicorns that make your heart yelp. The list goes on… I’m convinced that dahlia growers are a crazy-obsessed, passionate, and generous bunch of people! And here, I blissfully belong.

 Some captures of dahlia images during summer/fall in my gardens:


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